YouTube Content ID Claim

First of all. This is not a strike!, its just a copyright claim. Your channel is not in any danger because of this. Many people misunderstand how this works and thinks that a copyright claim is a strike…

If you get a copyright claim and have a valid license. Submit your invoice / reciept on your youtube “contest claim” page and the issue should clear shortly so you can monetize your videos.

Contact me (bjokib at gmail) and I will be able to whitelist your video / channel on my end. So that you can have ads turned on and monetize your videos with the music here.

When the claim clears, you should get back any adsense revenue that was held back. Again, this is not a strike on your channel, that is something completly different.

Why does this happen?

If you use my music for free on your youtube videos, any ad revenue (adsense) will go to the creator of the music piece.

Pay for a license and you can monetize your video and any ad revenue will go back to you.

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