EDM No Copyright Music And Strike?

Did you get a copyright strike on YouTube, and used EDM no copyright music? No you did not!
You actually have to read this, and please. Do not get stressed. It is a perfectly sane explanation for this. And dont feel stupid because this can be really confusing!

So you downloaded no copyrighted music, and you get a claim on your YouTube video? And you think you are going to loose your channel?

No, you are not going to loose your YouTube channel. What is going to happen, is that particular video wont earn you any money from ads (Google Adsense). The money will go to the composer of the music track you used instead.

Are you not earning anything on YouTube? Well, then it is not a problem. It wont affect rankings or your standing with Google. This is perfectly normal behaviour.

A lot of people are confused about this. Your video will still be online, your channel is not affected in any way at all if you use music in content ID.

A copyright STRIKE is when the artist or distributor manually issue a take down. This is not it.

To get around this issue contact the artist where you got the track from, and ask them if they can whitelist your channel / video. If you bought a license it is just a matter of contesting the claim, uploading the license and the claim will be removed. So that you can monetize your video without any issues.

Why does artists register in Content ID?

Registering in Content ID makes it so that artists who provide direct downloads of free no copyright music can keep some kind of control of their music. For example preventing someone else from just downloading everything from a site and illegally uploading in their own name. Also, a lot of people download our tracks and quickly “throw” it on a YouTube video or something similar without caring much. Those videos can give us artists a few dimes back on our craft. And everything counts.

So usually things like this works out nicely, and I think most artists would be grateful if you want to use their music and are willing to work out some kind of deal.

I hope this cleared up the issue somewhat! Take care. 🙂

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